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So why do you need a great website?

Everyone else has one – No not really only 58% of companies in the USA have a website (which is good news for me and a good edge for you on the competition)

Its the latest high tech marketing device – Pffft anyone who knows anything knows that interactive holographic projections are the latest high tech marketing device

The consultants recommended consumer-based relative matrix approaches. Er what?

I could quote a dozen more reasons why : public perception, tax breaks, increased ROI, blah blah blah. None of them give the real, most basic reason

The real reason you need a great website is…


To Be Online because that’s where your customers are


The same reason you have a yellow pages ad, a store in the mall, an advert in a niche magazine/localpaper, mailing list.

75% of Americans use the internet

89% of US internet users search online before they make a purchase, even when the purchase is made at a local business.

That’s a lot of customers to be missing out on. Can you afford that in this economy?

So you now want a website design


Certainly, if you care to follow me, we have a fine selection of web site designs for your consideration, The Carlton $$$, The Imperial $$$$ and for our more discerning clientele, The Royale avec fromage $$$$$$$$$.

Not convinced? Okay how about I sit down with you, find out about your business, your services, your needs. This way whether you need your site to make sales, generate leads, provide information or simply yell “Here I Am” you can be assured your new website is tailored to you.


But I already have a website


I firmly believe that a website is a tool, not merely an expense.

Unfortunately for many companies its a once shiny tool that now sits in a back cupboard gathering dust.

I can help you dust it off and make it actualy useful, earn its keep, bring in new customers, keep old ones.



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